Defend Your Reputation After a Drunk Driving Charge

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The moment you're charged with driving under the influence (DUI), your life can change. You'll want to start building your defense right away with an attorney you can trust. Blount Hughes LLC offers comprehensive defense services for clients in the Trussville, AL area. You'll work directly with our DUI attorneys to start building your case the right way.

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Supporting you every step of the way

Supporting you every step of the way

Trussville, AL law enforcement takes driving under the influence seriously, so you need to know what you're up against. Our law firm can help you by...

  • Explaining the severity of your charges and what's at stake
  • Building a strong defense to present in front of the judge
  • Advocating for you and your rights in the courtroom

If you need to speak with a DUI attorney, reach out to our firm today. We'll be happy to set up your free consultation.

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