Are you dealing with a complicated legal dispute with no clear end in sight? Especially when children are involved, your best option is always to reach common ground without going to court. Rely on Blount Hughes LLC for mediation services in the Trussville, AL area. We'll reach a fair and amicable agreement without any need for a judge.

As a licensed and certified mediator, our lead family law attorney can assist you with:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Contract disputes
  • Probate disputes
  • Custody disputes

Sometimes all it takes is an experienced, unbiased perspective to set things right. Call now to discuss our affordable rates on mediation services.

Estate Planning Attorney, Trussville, AL

Avoid going to court

A trained and neutral divorce mediator can make the entire process fast and painless for both parties. Hiring us for mediation services will provide you with:

  • Full control over the process without the use of a judge
  • Savings on legal fees
  • Protection of your privacy
  • Convenient meetings accommodating your schedule

Once a divorce or civil dispute goes to court, any information can be open to the public. Preserve your privacy by contacting our family law attorney today.

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